who are we?

When we have a party, we always bring drinks! Typically, wine, beer or booze, and usually, when we can’t figure out a gift for the occasion, we double down to bring more drinks. We mask our lack of thoughtfulness with quantity, and inevitably, we spend a lot for little value other than an additional few glasses and harder hangovers the next morning.

And even when we do bring something more, running around at the end of a long work week to find the drinks then find the gifts, and not to mention all the cab fares, creates anxiety, and ultimately, doesn’t guarantee you will impress your host.

Bevvies is here to help! We have a great selection of wine, beers and cocktails to enjoy at any of your parties, and we partner with amazing local companies to provide the gifts that save your time, energy and make you the most thoughtful belle of the ball!
Launching in April 2022, our first set of packs includes home goods from China Collection, a specialist of inspired Asian antiques and décor, fragrances and candles from To Be Calm, a leader in luxurious, beautifully presented sensory products, and peshtemals and kaftans from Summer Moments, a classic artisanal Turkish textiles boutique.

Bevvies combines these items into curated boxes, packs, sets and collections to provide a hassle free, high-quality experience for your occasions including dinner and house-warming parties, new or young parent celebrations, weddings, birthdays, beach trips and more!

Every month we will be adding additional locally sourced brands to expand our collection, so look out for our new packs, and keep an eye on our promotions including Bevvie of the Month, Promo Packs, Seasonal Sets and Charity Collections. Sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed about the latest and greatest. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us on suggestions to expand our partners or request a customized pack for that special occasion.

Enjoy your Bevvies!